What I do

Lead generation websites

I build lead generation websites to increase, automate or organize the leads you get in your service business.

Here’s how it goes…
• Step 1: I start with a deep dive into your business to understand the situation you’re in and what solution will be best. It might be to generate more leads to increase revenue, it could be to save time and money by sending your leads through an automated process so you only have to get involved at the final stage of the sales cycle, or it could be something else.

• Step 2: We move into the design and development stage where I build you a new website.

• Step 3: You give me a call when you start seeing results.

E-commerce Websites

I build E-commerce websites for retailers that let display and sell your products online.

What to expect…
• First we talk about how many products you have, how many categories you would like them to be grouped in, and what payment gateway you would prefer, and how you currently market your products.

• Next I build you an amazing and fully functional E-commerce website, designed with with sales as the priority.

• Finally, you give me a call when you start enjoying the results of your website.

Website Maintenance

Getting a brand new website is one thing, but keeping that website active for a long time is anothing. Investing in site maintenance is like buying insurance for your website. You have me available to deal with any issues that may come up and to also track the performance of your website. You’ll have a performance report sent to you every month.

Under My Website maintenance packages I also provide marketing services for your website. Want to send your ideal clients to your website continuously? I can help you with that.

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